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Peppa Pig New House

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Peppa Pig Among Us

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Peppa Pig Alphabet

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What About Us People Says?

Every child around five years probably knows about Peppa Pig. And these games will allow the little ones to visit the world where their favorite heroine lives and take part in her life helping her out with various issues or simply having fun! Peppa Pig games also have a strong educational component – it’s a fast and efficient way for the kids to learn the basic stuff like the alphabet, numbers, colors and so on. You will surely love it!


Collecting the Peppa Pig Grooves

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Thundercats Roar: Character Creator

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Who is Peppa and where did she come from?

Peppa Pig is the main character of the animated series with the same name. The pig has a younger brother George, mother Pig and father Pig. Occasionally grandparents, relatives and friends of Peppa also appear in the cartoon. Each hero is endowed with both human and animal qualities. The pigs wear clothes, talk, eat dinner at the table, drive to visit, little piglets play children’s games, and adults go to work. Each episode contains some kind of family or everyday action: a family of pigs goes for a walk or on a trip, dines at a cafe, gathers for a visit, celebrates a birthday, children go to kindergarten and so on. This entertaining and educational cartoon quickly gained popularity among the children from the entire world.

The animated series appeared in the UK. Peppa Pig has been featured on television in over 180 countries and has been translated into over 40 languages. Kids immediately developed sympathy for this character. Peppa is a cute pink pig, the oldest of the children in the family of pigs, she just turned five years old. Like a real pig, she loves to jump through puddles, and like a real girl, Peppa is just crazy about flowers, outfits and apples. By nature, she is a proprietor, sometimes she shows selfishness and arrogance, but despite this, she loves to spend time with her friends and have fun, goes to kindergarten with pleasure, loves to learn something new. Peppa Pig’s best friend is Suzy the Sheep. Together with Peppa, the little players will have a wonderful time, gain new knowledge, learn how to solve human problems and problems, learn how to correct their mistake and do the right thing!

What can you do in Peppa Pig games?

These wonderful games offer a lot of space for having a great time together with your favorite cartoon characters! You can visit their houses and see how they live. You can help them clean up, cook dinner and decorate the place for a birthday party. There are also a lot of interesting things to do outside. In the summer, you can splash in the puddles after it was raining, wed the garden, bath in the river and play football. When it’s winter, there is nothing more exciting than sledging and making a snowman.

Since Peppa is a preschooler, she loves studying very much. And that’s where Peppa Pig games get really handy for the little ones! Here they can learn to read and count, improve their attention and logic and get ready for school in a fun and exciting way. Play these great games online and spend not only a jolly, but also a useful time!

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